Previously, we talked about the benefits that come with buying a brand new build. Of course, there are going to be drawbacks too. If you already have your heart set on buying a brand new home, then it would be wise to weigh up the argument before doing so. By doing this, you can come to an informed buying decision. Here are a few of the negative aspects that come with buying a brand new build.

There are usually very long waiting lists

This is probably one of the biggest problems that you will face when trying to buy a brand new build. When you see a new build, you usually have to register your interest with the property developer. Once you have done this, you will be placed on a waiting list, and it could be a very long time before a property becomes available. If you want to buy a home sooner rather than later, then it is definitely a good idea to consider all of your options.

They don’t have the character that older properties tend to have

Again, this is another problem that a lot of people will get when they try to buy a newer home. If you have taken a look around some of the older buildings that you are interested in, then you probably will have noticed that they tend to have a lot of character about them. Unfortunately, this is something that most new builds will be lacking. So, if it is character that you are looking for, then a brand new build is probably not the right option for you.

They can sometimes cost a lot more

This one really depends on where you are buying your new home. However, a lot of brand new builds will cost a significant amount more than if you were to buy an older building.

There are, of course, benefits that need to be thought about too, as covered in the previous post. However, the good news is that there are plenty of different options that are available for you to consider.